Since 2021, GABA has made five parliamentary inquiry submissions and garnered more than 200 members.

For several years, a small group of concerned residents from Western Victoria have been working to protect animals, local ecology, and biodiversity. This inspired the creation of Gariwerd Animal Biodiversity Alliance which was registered on 21st March 2021.

The purposes of GABA are to:

  • ensure wildlife and their habitats are protected for forthcoming generations
  • inform people about the importance of native wildlife to local ecology and biodiversity
  • educate people about all species of non-human animals, including their needs, interests, rights, and relationships to land, sky, waters, and other species
  • advocate for all animals and for biodiversity.

We are campaigning to:

  • create lower speed limits to protect wildlife at critical times (dusk to dawn) to reduce the number of animals hurt and killed by cars
  • encourage kinder fencing that doesn’t entangle and trap animals travelling through their habitat and landscape
  • protect kangaroos from shooting
  • provide support and safety to residents impacted by the Kangaroo shooting.
  • Facilitate and encourage farming that can coexist with wildlife in the surrounding grasslands abutting the Geriwerd national park

Meet Our Team

Our GABA committee has expertise and experience in animal advocacy, animal behaviour, anthropology, arts, emergency services, environment, farming, local First Nations culture and law, forests, health, and wildlife.  
Tamasin Ramsay
Tamasin RamsayPresident and Co-Founder
PhD in public health and anthropology, senior meditation teacher.
Pam Turner
Pam TurnerVice President
Wildlife shelter director. Full time wildlife rescuer and carer.
Frank Jesse
Frank JesseTreasurer and Co-Founder
Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher
Julie Campagnaro
Julie CampagnaroSecretary
Retired police officer, Volunteer wildlife carer and rescuer.
Nerissa Major
Nerissa MajorInaugural First Nations Rep
Djabwurrung and Jardwadjali woman. Artist and cultural workshop practitioner.