Gariwerd is home to Gunditjmirring, Eastern Marr and Wotjabuluk Traditional Owner communities. We acknowledge their continued relationship and reciprocal connection with all species, sky, waters and land. We respect their continued sovereignty and pledge to genuinely partner with First Nations People in fulfilling the purposes of GABA.

Kangaroos: Ecosystem Engineers

Our team of wildlife and ecology experts bring decades of experience to bear on a species profoundly affected by wrong understanding. Learn the longstanding and ancient truths about kangaroos here.

Speed Limits: Road Safety in Gariwerd

 Road Safety in Gariwerd. The narrow and often winding roads through Gariwerd are fraught with danger. Often the speed limit is the same as a four lane city highway. Serious wildlife trauma and human is a movement of billions. Whether you’re most comfortable contributing time to help achieve our advocacy goals, money to help us grow, or energy to put political pressure on our governments to change, we need you on our team.

“What I love best about the GABA group is the people - they are friendly, smart and collegial. 
Their community spirit and dedication to compassionate conservation is ensuring their success. 
GABA inspires everyone to care for the planet and Her inhabitants.”
— Dr S Nightingale, 2023